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The Witching Hour at Maan Farms Homestead

From the disorienting terror of Harvest of Horrors to the haunting abyss of Agatha's Nightmare, the horrors that await are crafted from the darkest recesses of fear and madness. Dare to discover the full terrifying tale? Click to unravel the backstory of a place where nightmares are born and where your courage will be tested to the breaking point.

The Story
The Witching Hour at Maan Farms Slaughterhouse

Slaughterhouse, a horrifying labyrinth where Agatha's dark magic has turned a once tranquil cornfield into a relentless journey into terror. Twisted farmhands and grotesque creatures reach out with malicious hunger, every rustle and shadow promising unspeakable horrors.

A White Knuckle Experience

slaughter house

the Cornmaze haunt
the Cornmaze haunt

slaughter house

slaughter house

A White Knuckle Experience
The Witching Hour at Maan Farms Haunted The Way Down

Step into Agatha's Nightmare at the Hawthorn Caves, a realm of extraordinary terror and petrifying fear, guided only by touch and intuition, with concealed terrors lurking in palpable darkness. This multisensory adventure is a terrifying dance of sound and surprise, a journey where seeing is not believing, but feeling is surviving.

The Hooded Haunt
A Sensory Overload
Haunted the Way Down Logo
A Sensory Overload
The Witching Hour at Maan Farms Haunted Homestead
a Journey into horror theater

Delve into the abyss of The Homestead, a live theater of palpable horror where Agatha's spell reigns. Within its haunted walls, participants become prey, ensnared by Alistair's dark arts and touched by the unseen. Separated, tested, and tormented, this immersive journey thrusts you into a sensory nightmare. Here, hope is the only guide, and survival becomes an act of will. Welcome to The Homestead, where immersion meets raw terror.

interactive full touch haunt 


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